UN calls on Lebanon and Israel to cease escalating tensions along border

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has called for an end to the escalation in southern Lebanon, urging Lebanon and Israel to seek a diplomatic solution to the border conflict. The UNIFIL expressed concern over the surge of violence that has led to civilian deaths and destruction of homes.

According to a statement by UNIFIL, “It is imperative that this escalation cease immediately. We urge all sides to put down their weapons and begin the process toward a sustainable political and diplomatic solution.”

The UNIFIL remains prepared to support a diplomatic solution in any way possible, including convening a tripartite meeting at the parties’ request. The call for de-escalation comes in the wake of repeated attacks on health facilities and workers in southern Lebanon, which violate international humanitarian law.

UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Lebanon, Imran Riza, emphasized that attacks on healthcare are unacceptable and a violation of the rules of war. The statement follows Israeli attacks that resulted in the deaths of 11 civilians, including 10 paramedics, in southern Lebanon.

Tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border escalated in October 2023, following a series of attacks initiated by Hezbollah in solidarity with Hamas. Israel responded with heavy artillery fire towards southeastern Lebanon. The UNIFIL’s plea for a diplomatic solution underscores the urgent need to halt the violence and protect civilians in the region.


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