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What Is Strategy? how important is your timing of implementation?

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Timing is crucial for every aspect of your life. However, this especially holds true for business practices. If you’re running a business, you have to make sure you have your timing worked out in the best way across all your processes and planning. The best way to do this is by incorporating proper scheduling in your strategy implementation plans. These make the very foundation of your business, so you also need to define timelines in them. 

These strategies should include contingency plans as well, just in case. You never know when a situation like a workplace investigation or COVID-19 may hit. Therefore, while you should have a strategy implementation plan mapped out efficiently, you also need to keep the eventualities in mind. Timing plays a key role in this whole process and can make up all the difference to your success and revenue generation. Here are a few reasons which show why timing is so important.  

Long-Term Planning Is Necessary

When it comes to strategy implementation, you need to plan for the long term. This means that you should have your budgets, revenue goals, and marketing goals mapped out for a few years. However, once you make these plans, you have to allocate defined deadlines to them. 

Furthermore, you should review these plans on a monthly or quarterly basis, at least, to figure out where you stand. See whether your progress and strategies are working within the timeframes you aimed for.  

Plan In Advance

When you know a certain campaign or event is going to come up, there is no excuse for not planning the strategy in advance. In general, you’ll know about the holidays and events taking place in a year well in advance. 

If you carry out campaigns or launch products without strategizing from the very beginning, there is a lot more room for human error. Urgency will also lead you to deliver a product or campaign that falls below your standards and is not really useful for your business’s reputation. 

Respond to Market Changes Quickly

Events like the COVID-19 lockdowns lead to major market changes within a short time. You need to make sure you’re not too late with your response. Otherwise, you’ll miss your chance to retain or attract customers, as other companies will respond quicker. 

Do not waste time in running these changes through a whole set of superfluous hierarchical approvals. Instead, work on the changes quickly, and launch them before your competitors corner the market completely. However, do be extremely vigilant about any errors or problems these timely changes may bring.

Get With the Progress

Technology is constantly evolving over the years, and may even rapidly change within months. While you do need to study this progress and see how to incorporate it into your company, you can’t be too slow. Ideally, you should be working with the new technology before it is officially launched in the market. 

Take your time to perfect innovative ideas, but don’t spend so much time that your competitors launch it ahead of you. This fine balance between launching something too quick or too slow is why beta versions exist. Therefore, try to get at least the initial versions of your innovative products out in a limited market to generate hype. 

Know When to Cut Your Losses

If something is not working out for you, you should know when to give up and not waste resources anymore. Sometimes, persisting with an unviable idea can be disastrous for your business. Of course, do give your products and services time to prove themselves, but if they keep failing over a long time, you need to pull out. 

This requires a sense of timing, as sometimes, you just need to give an idea of time to work out. However, if you take too long to make a final decision, you may suffer immense losses. 

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Give Your Employees Reasonable Deadlines

Setting appropriate deadlines is a fine balance you must get right. If you make things too urgent, then there is no time for due process and proper review. However, if you’re too lenient, it’ll be hard for you to implement new business strategies within the time period you want. 

Therefore, you need to carefully assess your employees’ capabilities and their workload. Then, assign a reasonable deadline that also allows room for review and correction. Make sure you talk to them about these deadlines clearly, so that you’re all on the same page about work expectations. 

Predict Future Trends & Revenue

If you assess what happened in your business and your general industry within a certain time period, then you can use this to predict future trends. These trends include the revenue you can expect, and the state of the industry in the future, keeping emergency situations aside.

Use these timed expectations in our strategy implementation and future planning. This will help you get ahead of your competitors and use data to your advantage. 


To sum up, timing is an essential aspect of strategy implementation. It helps you in a variety of ways and keeps you on track for success.  

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