Who Is Savion Johnson? Texas National Guard Member Arrested For Migrant Smuggling

The U.S. border with Mexico is a very sensitive area and has a long history of a place from where illegal migrants are pushed into the U.S. from Mexico.

So any unusual movement of vehicles and persons immediately attract the attention of the Border Guards and the Police.

A silver sport utility vehicle was observed hurtling at over 100 miles per hour. The Police immediately gave chase and which lasted over 15 miles before the tires of the car were burst by spikes that the police had stretched across the highway.

The migrant who was traveling in the car fled and the police apprehended the driver of the fugitive vehicle.

However, the Police were shocked beyond the wits when they discovered that the driver who was trying to ferry the illegal immigrant was a member of Texas Army National Guard.

This is the second time in less than a year that a member of the Texas Army National Guard has been caught trying to ferry illegal immigrants from the border in Texas. In June 2023 two Texas Army National Guard soldiers were caught and charged for trying to smuggle illegal migrants across the border.

The Texas Army National Guard soldier who was arrested on Sunday has been identified as Savion Amari Donovan Johnson as per information given by Police.

However it is not clear if he is a part of the Gov. Greg Abbott’s border security program known as Operation Lone Star and has been deployed in Texas.

As per information shared by Sheriff Brad Coe of Kinney County the detained person was a public information officer with the National Guard.

The man was apprehended when he was transporting an illegal migrant in an official vehicle which also featured official gears related with the border security mission Operation Lone Star gear

Sheriff Coe added,

“It’s not a good thing. But he’s not the first one we’ve picked up that’s associated with the National Guard. We’ve picked up attorneys. Preachers. Old ones, young ones, juveniles. The money is out there.”

The Texas Military Department has not issued any statement regarding the incident nor has it revealed Mr. Johnson’s status with the organization.

The number of state law enforcement and National Guard members assigned to the border has been augmented keeping in view the Mexican –US border has become a hotbed for illegal immigration, and drug smuggling.

Today thousands of Border Guards patrol the border and fencing and concertina wire barriers are being erected to stop people who try to cross the border illegally.

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