WATCH VIDEO: 82-Year-Old Oklahoma Resident Anthony Goulding Sets Himself on Fire During Police Eviction at His Home

Viewer discretion advised: This content contains graphic depictions of self-harm and violence.

A bodycam footage recently went viral on the internet showing an 82-year-old man, Anthony Goulding from Oklahoma, setting himself on fire when police attempted to evict him.

It all began when two female officers arrived at Anthony Goulding’s residence on Monday in Oklahoma to serve him and his wife an eviction notice.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Anthony went to his back room and emerged with a gasoline container.

82-year-old man Anthony Goulding sets himself on fire

According to the footage, one of the officers tried to stop him, but Anthony Goulding started pouring gasoline on himself and ignited himself with a lighter. The fire spread to the floor, and although Anthony attempted to attack the police officer, she managed to protect herself.

Later, Tommie Johnson III, the Oklahoma County Sheriff, revealed that one of their officers had been working with the couple for a week to secure them a safe house once they were evicted, stating:

 ‘Quickly, the home was overtaken by fire and smoke and that prevented her from making another entry. I think that’s the biggest piece of this. For me to see our deputies, like even in the midst of all of this going on, still trying to save a life, still trying to get there, still trying to prevent it from happening in the fire. I really want to praise the courage of our deputies for what they attempted to do and what they did do was they saved a life.’

Despite the efforts, the couple chose to extend their stay. At the time of the incident, an Uber was waiting outside the house to take them to the arranged accommodation. As the officer attempted to escort his wife, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, out of the home, Anthony set himself on fire.

Thankfully, they managed to safely evacuate his wife. One of the officers re-entered the house in an attempt to save Anthony Goulding, but unfortunately, it was too late; he died due to severe burns. The family dog also perished in the incident.

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One of the female officers sustained minor burns but was medically cleared.

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