12 Ankita Dave Web Series To Watch Online This Erotic Weekend

Ankita Dave rose to fame as an Indian actress recognized for her roles in music videos and erotic web series. She rose to fame in 2017 as a result of a video leak. With her alluring appearance and personality, the actress caused a sensation in the business. Below mentioned are 12 Ankita Dave web series that you should check out and watch online.

12 Ankita Dave Web Series:

1. ‘Gaachi’

The actress is not the main character in the popular online series “Gaachi,” which explores patriarchy in an engaging way.

2. ‘Teri Khata’

Because of its erotic scenes, Ankita Dave web series “Teri Khata” is frequently neglected. We advise looking into it.

3. ‘Zid’

The Hotshots Original short film “Zid,” recognized for its intriguing short movies, stars Ankita Dave. This is the story of two ladies, one driven by the need for fortune as a widow, and the other by the desire for being a celebrity.

4. ‘Singardaan’

Gupta Ji falls in love with Shabnam, a sex prostitute who uses a unique makeup kit. Guptaji carries the box to his house after Shabnam dies, which causes his wife and daughter to start working as sex workers. The plot develops as Gupta Ji tries to protect his family and get away from the box’s influence.

5. ‘Kangan’

The story centers on Sabbo, a gullible girl who marries an older man but falls in love with his youthful and mysterious gardener. Tragically, the villagers burn Sabbo after accusing her of doing black magic.

6. ‘Matkani Ke Matke’

Story of the Ankita Dave web series, ‘Matkani’, a country girl who became anxious and upset as a result of villagers’ actions. Because of the large size of her breasts, they believe she is a nasty woman.

7. ‘Chicken Curry Part 1’

“Never betray someone who loves you deeply,” says the proverbial saying, “as it might result in retaliation.” Watch the dramatic episode of “Chicken Curry,” where betrayal begins and revenge brings the plot to a close.

8. ‘Mere Angane Main Season 1’

In the show, a newlywed couple is shown who fight about the wife’s desire for a celibate existence. Unaware of the implications, the husband gets involved in a love affair with his wife’s acquaintance. It will be interesting to see if the husband escapes the trap or betrays his wife, who is also his boss’s child.

9. ‘Chawl House’

The narrative centers on two sisters who start to feel something for Rohit after he enters their chawl home.

10. ‘Virgin Days’

A long-distance relationship between two people ends because of the distance and the boyfriend’s adultery. The boy makes the decision to engage in casual encounters and lead a playboy lifestyle following the breakup.

11. ‘Siddhu’

When this woman walks in and takes care of all their issues, every man’s life becomes trouble-free.


12. ‘Khaki’

In this Ankita Dave web series, A senior male coworker is harassing a female police officer, but she doesn’t say anything to protect her career.

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