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5 Ankita Dave Web Series in 2023, These Hot Erotic Ullu Shows are a Must-Watch

Ankita Dave doesn’t need any introduction, if you like watching erotic web series then you would know how talented she is. She mostly works in the OTT platforms and surely has made a mark for herself in the entertainment industry. She has been a part of many hit web series that went on to be highly successful. Today we are gonna be diving into some of the best Ankita dave web series that is worth watching to refresh your mind. 

Best Ankita Dave Web Series 

1. Riti Riwaj – Matki Ke Matke

Ankita Dave Web Series

The ankita dave series touches on many sensitive topics in the rural area of India that is usually not talked about. It shows a village where men are allowed to have more than one wife each is allocated to different household chores. Watch the series to know what happens the women start to raise their voices.

2. Singardaan


A suspense erotic thriller, it shows a Gupta Ji getting possession of a mysterious box that has entangled his wife and daughter. Originally, the box belonged to a prostitute who was in love with Gupta Ji. Watch the series about how the spell turns his wife and daughter into a female escorts. 

3. Charmsukh Chawl House 3

Revolves around a chawl in Mumbai where two sisters Mina and Tina fall in love with the same guy Rohit, a new member of the chawl. Soo, the drama escalates when Rohit finds out about this and is in dilemma to choose between the two. 

4. Zid- Hotshots

Zid - Ankita Dave Web series hot

The Ankita Dave Web series is about a rich-class lady who is recently lost her husband and is looking for a new romance to spice up her love life. Soon she meets her beautician who dreams of luxurious life but doesn’t have the means to attain it. 

5. Gaachi

Gaachi ullu

The story follows the life of a prostitute working in the village where she gets to meet different kinds of married and single men and how they impact her life.

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