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4 Amazing Destinations for New Year’s Eve Vacation

There are amazing destinations for New Year’s Eve all over the world. The options are endless and diverse. Any travel agency would recommend beautiful, expensive places, SPA resorts, or ski resorts. Let’s take a step forward and show you the beautiful sights you could see while you spend your New Year’s Eve vacation.

1. Dubai- The Place Where the Light Shine Brighter

Dubai is the land of luxury and good taste. It is, without doubt, the most suitable place for the New Year’s Eve party. But since you do not go to Dubai only for one evening, to eat caviar and drink champagne, we came up with some exciting things to do in your few day’s vacations.

  1. Go to Burj Khalifa- the world’s largest building. It is setting up extraordinary fireworks on New Year’s Eve. You will witness amazing fireworks and laser shows that light up the sky.
  2. Visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. This is a fascinating place where you can see the wonders of nature. You can discover captivating insight into the world’s marine life. You can not believe the diversity of the ocean’s most mysterious creatures.
  3. Infinity des Lumieres, Dubai’s biggest digital art venue. We assure you, you haven’t seen anything like this before. Step into an immersive art experience with 3 unique exhibitions. Van Gogh’s paintings are brought to life as a magnificent fusion of light, colour, sound, and rhythm. The poetic world of 19th century Japan is the ukiyo-e art reimagined with virtual reality. Verse is a hypnotic, metaphysical journey. Cosmos images are whirling to an orchestral aria.
  4. Dubai Opera is a multi-format performing arts theatre. The entertainment program includes operas, ballet plays, concerts, and musicals. It is also a construction with an impressive architectural design.

There are flights available from New Delhi, Mumbai, or Chennai to Dubai. It takes about 4 hours to get to Dubai and the plane tickets cost about Rs. 34.730. There are lots of New Year’s Eve vacation offers, just choose the right one for you!

2. Las Vegas – The Land of Entertainment

New Year's Eve Vacation

Las Vegas is by far the most popular tourist destination, perfect for New Year’s Eve. The city has the most impressive infrastructure, hotels, shops, and especially casinos. Here are also the best online casinos known worldwide for gambling. Do not miss the occasion to play the slot machines, spin the roulette, or test your luck at the poker table. Besides casinos, Las Vegas has notorious hotels and entertainment shows. We have picked up some offers for you, at some affordable prices. For 7 days, you only have to spend Rs. 120.906 for a 4-star hotel. For a double king size bedroom, 7 days, you can pay Rs. 154.260 or Rs. 170. 935 for a deluxe room.

  • If you can escape the casino’s temptations, go out and visit the Glittering Lights. Is a spectacular drive-through with over three million lights along a 2.5-mile racetrack.
  • You can also enjoy Ethel M Chocolate cactus garden. There is a three-acre garden with more than one million lights to enjoy
  • If you want to relax, have a massage, or just enjoy the SPA, take a journey to Euphoria. You can have two therapists at the same time performing a synchronized massage.

3. Udaipur- The Right Place for the Greatest Parties in India

In the past few years, Udaipur was the party environment for New Year’s Eve. There are few parties in several places of Udaipur. Enjoy the royal lifestyle flavors and enjoy some great parties. Here are some recommendations:

  • One seat at the Sky Garden party is available for Rs 1200 per couple this year. The place will welcome you with rocking music, delicious food, and live performances
  • Araliayas Resort is a remarkable place that will welcome you with the finest food and drinks. There are also fire juggling, confetti shots, and foot-tapping performances. The price is Rs 8000 per couple. The resort also houses a special kids section and an exclusive firework show.
  • Cafe Clock Town Resort is one of the most popular hubs for a New Year’s party. You can dance all through the night because the DJs are some of the best. For the menu, you have to pay Rs. 1999 per couple, and it includes Dhaba-style food.

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4. Italy – The Most Majestic Country in The World

Italy is sensational! Most people who have visited Italy will tell you about the delicious food, beautiful art, imposing architecture, and spectacular scenery. We can give you a million reasons to visit Italy on New Year’s Eve. It is a great place for families and friends, but also for lovers.

The magnificent cities make Italy the number one location to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There is not just one city right for this job. Several cities will make you fall in love with this country. Choose a New Years Eve Vacation in Rome, Milan, Florence, or Venice for the unique parties and events. Their architecture will enrich your trip. No other people party like Italians do! Get ready for parties in Rome grand clubs. Go to Venice for proms in the city on the water, or Milan for lavish events in the city of fashion.


After a long and complicated year, everybody deserves a great New Year’s Eve vacation. Let your problems behind and start a new year with positive energy. You can charge your batteries by visiting some amazing destinations for New Year’s Eve. Enrich your personal experience by visiting new places!

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