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44 days of Protest, neither the farmers nor the government, the conversation was inconclusive

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There have been several rounds of negotiations between the Central Government and the farmers against the new agricultural laws of the Central Government, but neither the farmers nor the farmers are accepting. Both are adamant on their respective things. In such a situation, it does not seem that the issue will be resolved.

However, the government hopes that leaders of farmer organizations will come up with options for discussion in the next round of talks on 15 January. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar says that there is no question of repealing the laws. In such a situation, it seems that the next conversation could hardly reach any conclusion.

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Tomar said that the government cannot do anything until the farmers associations give their option to demand the withdrawal of the new laws. He said that many farmers organizations are supporting these laws. He said that in the negotiations, farmers organizations have not given any option to their demand for withdrawal of new agricultural laws.

On a hearing scheduled in the apex court on January 11 on the issue of farmers, it said that the government is committed to following the Supreme Court’s decision.

On the other hand, Farmers Union leader Joginder Singh Ugrahan said that the meeting between the farmer and the government was inconclusive. He said that we want nothing less than the withdrawal of laws. He said that the government is testing our strength, we will not bow down, it seems that we will celebrate Lohri, Baisakhi festival here.

Another farmer leader Hannan Maula said that the farmers are ready to fight till the last breath. He said that going to court is not an option. Moula said that the farmers’ organizations would decide on further action on January 11.

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Congress sets the tone for farmers: In the backdrop of the new round of talks between farmers organizations and government, the Congress said on Friday that the withdrawal of all three central agricultural laws is the solution to this issue, because there is no other solution other than this is.

The party also launched a social media campaign in support of the farmer’s protest against the three central agricultural laws, under which senior party leaders appealed to the people to raise their voice in favor of the peasant movement. Former party president Rahul Gandhi released the video as part of the ‘Kishan ke liye Bharat Bole’ campaign, saying that peaceful movements are an integral part of democracy.

The movement which our farmers are doing is getting support from all over the country. You too should raise your voice in support of them so that this anti-agricultural law ends.

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