8 Best Katherine Langford HD Wallpapers To Download

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You know her as Hannah from the hit TV series  “13 Reasons Why (2017-2020)”. All thanks to emotional and sensitive Hannah who made our hearts melt with so much to bear yet standing strongly. The actress’s real name is Katherine Langford. Born in Perth, Australia on April 29, 1996. Her parents were in the Applecross country club. She has one elder sister Josephine Langford who is also an actress. 

Here’s a compilation of the 8 best Katherine Langford HD Wallpapers that her diehard fanatics must put on their smartphone screens.

Katherine Langford Wallpaper

After finishing school, she started taking acting classes and performing in local shows. And that is how she fell in love with singing. She started appearing in a number of live concerts. She then completed her graduation in melodic theatre. 

Katherine Langford HD Wallpaper

 She was also one of the contestants in NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) in 2015. With excellent skills, she was allotted a spot in the Western Australian Academy of Programming. During the initial phase of her career, she has done a number of shows and movies “Imperfect Quadrant”, where she played along with Troy Coward, Dominique Shenton and Lisa Athanassio.

Katherine Langford Hot

In the year 2016, she got her breakthrough debut with the short film “Daughter” playing the leading role of Scarlett. The film was screened at debuted at Cannes Film Festival.

Some unknown facts about Katherine Langford-

Katherine Langford Sexy

From an early age, she has received jazz as well as classical and advanced vocal training. 

Katherine Langford Photoshoot

From her college days, she was quite interested in politics and medicine along with melodic theatre.

Katherine Langford Lipstick

A Perth native, she focused more on music and theatre instead of on swimming and surfing. 

Katherine Langford Movies

She gave her audition for her role in 13 Reasons Why on Skype. When she was shortlisted as just had 10 days to get an O-1 visa to get a work permit in the USA.

Katherine Langford

Currently, she resides in Alamo, California, U.S.

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