Adah Sharma’s Fitness Tip: Make Workouts Fun by Exercising with Friends

Actress Adah Sharma, a practitioner of Silambam, a weapon-based martial art, believes in the mantra that workouts should be fun and working out with friends is the best. The 31-year-old recently shared a video of herself bathing elephants, claiming it gave her a whole core workout.

Adah shared, “The elephants are my friends and giving them a bath is a whole core body workout, which takes an hour. From shoulders, to biceps, to glutes and legs.” She emphasized the importance of diet in fitness, stating, “This workout is equal to crunches and leg raises and weight training altogether. Diet plays an important role in fitness.”

On the work front, Adah was last seen in ‘Sunflower Season 2’ and ‘Bastar: The Naxal Story’. She is set to appear in the upcoming project ‘The Game Of Girgit’. Adah, who follows a vegetarian diet like her elephant friends, continues to inspire with her fitness journey.

With a focus on enjoying workouts and emphasizing the importance of diet, Adah Sharma is setting an example for fitness enthusiasts. Her unique approach to fitness, including Silambam practice and elephant bathing sessions, showcases the diverse ways one can stay fit and healthy. Adah’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle serves as a motivation for her fans and followers in the fitness community.


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