Tyla Places Kai Cenat in the Friend Zone Following His Date Proposal: ‘We’re Friends, Though

Kai Cenat has once again become a topic of discussion, but this time it’s quite hilarious. Recently, South African singer Tyla joined him in his latest livestream. The episode is filled with many amazing snippets, but this one surely grabbed the attention of netizens. Surprisingly, Kai asked her out on a date.

In the clip shared on social media, Kai can be seen saying,

“Would you like to go on a date with me?”

to which Tyla playfully replies,

“Are you for real? Don’t do that.”

After repeatedly declining his request, she says,

“You can’t do that on a whole [livestream]… Um, but we’re friends, though.”

Tyla friend-zoned Kai Cenat during live stream

With no option left, Kai tries to hide his embarrassment by replying,

“You’re right. Alright, next [question].”

Seconds later, Tyla appeared to console the YouTube personality by briefly touching his arm.

Kai Cenat Tyla
Image Credit-@tyla/Instagram

Before Tyla, Kai Cenat tried his luck with fellow content creator Zoe Spencer over the phone, which she declined, saying,

“No, you dumb a** ni**a. F**k you. What are you talking about? I don’t wanna go on a f**king date with you, ni**a. You friend-zoned me in front of the f**king world.”

Coming back to Tyla, she recently released her debut album featuring Tems, Travis Scott, Becky G, Gunna, Skilliberg, and Tems, to name a few. It will feature 14 songs, some of which are “Butterflies”, “On and On”, “Truth or Dare”, and “Water”.

During an interview with Apple Music, she said.

“I’m speaking about the things that I’ve gone through while creating the album — basically three years in the making. I was becoming a woman. So, it was a lot of growing that happened, and me realizing my worth and realizing how I want to be treated, and how basically, I’m that girl, and people need to know I’m that girl.”

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