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Again Sun Halo in the Sky, This Time in Hyderabad of Telangana, See Pics

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Sun Halo Hyderabad: Exactly a week ago, a spectacular sight that entertained everyone in the sky in Bangalore was seen for almost two hours in Hyderabad, Kurnool, and Kadapa of Telangana today. When the sun was shining brightly. the octagonal ring was seen shining around it dominating the radiance of the sun.

The appearance of this type of ring around the sun, which appeared in the sky of Hyderabad is called the Sun halo. A halo is a 22-degree Ring of light from the sun or moon. It is the formed by hexagonal ice crystals.

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Actually, Clouds contain millions of tiny ice crystals. These distort the light to give the impression of a circular rainbow ring. Divide and reflect light. For halo to appear, the crystals must have an oriented position relative to your eye.

Light undergoes two refractions as it passes through ice crystals. The inclination that occurs depends on the diameter of the ice crystal. In a 22-degree halo ice light enters from one side of the crystal and comes out through the other.

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Refraction at both entry and exit. Two refractions bend light 22-degrees from its original point, producing a ring of light around the sun or moon.

A similar scene was seen in Bangalore last week. A long time ago, such a scene was found in Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

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