An international trade fair for students in Noida soon

Noida– For the first time, the 1st edition of the 2023, UP International Trade Show will consist of higher education as its important sector in providing career options to emerging entrepreneurs coming from all types of universities across the country, said the officials. If they are selected they will be able to do collaboration through participating companies. The fair will be organised from September 21st to 25th in Greater Noida at India Expo Centre “There are several entrepreneurs in the state, who need a push and a platform to showcase their idea. Through this initiative, students will get ample support to further magnify their startups,” said Rajiv Kumar Gupta,  regional head of the higher education department, Meerut and nodal head of UP International Trade Show. 

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As per the officials, the Trade Show will be conducted by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in partnership with India Exposition Mart Limited of Greater Noida. The event will be organised to carry the legacy of UP Global Investor Summit 2023 which was recently concluded. “The five-day event aims to showcase the investment opportunities and potential of the various sectors of Uttar Pradesh. The Trade Show is garnering widespread attention across the globe and is forecasted to be attended by more than 50,000 business delegates, industry captains, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders. It is envisaged to make this an annual event,” as per the official letter by the state MSME department.

UP International Trade Show will showcase GI-Tag products, ODOP products along with other products that are manufactured and created across the state of UP. Products with a lot of potential to be marketed across the globe. During the show, products that are worthy can get buyers from B2C and B2B buyers from the country as well as abroad. 

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