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Bhupendra Jogi Gets Attacked by Knives, Suffers Serious Injuries 

The viral social media sensation, Bhupendra Jogi, who rose to stardom on social media with a viral Instagram reel, found himself in a dire situation on Tuesday.

Two young assailants wearing masks allegedly attacked Bhupendra Jogi with knives. This incident occurred on Tuesday evening when he was returning home from a ready-made garment shop in New Market. Jogi sustained serious injuries.

According to various local media reports, Jogi was allegedly attacked a mere 100 meters away from the local police station, at the Roshanpura intersection near “Bapu ki Kutia.”

The assault started from behind. In the second attack, he defended himself from the back. Thus, he got serious injuries to his hands as well.

Jogi got intense cuts on his back. He had to get over 37 stitches to treat his wounds. 

Post this, he took himself to his Instagram account and Pledged for justice. He accompanied his message by the hashtag, #justiceforbhupendrajogi. 

Jogi in his Instagram post stated,

“I was BHUPENDRA JOGI last night at 9:30 PM when I was returning home from my shop, some people attacked me with a knife at Roshanpura intersection… After attacking, they ran away easily and till now no one has been able to trace them.” 

Bhupendra Jogi asked his followers for support to help him identify the perpetrators and ensure that the victim gets justice. 

Furthermore, Jogi went to Instagram to share videos from his hospital bed. He called for accountability by showcasing his injuries. 

Jogi’s Rise To Stardom 

Bhupendra Jogi recently gained popularity when one of his Instagram reels went viral. Moreover, he is a trader as well. 

When he became popular, he garnered more than two lakh followers on Instagram due to his “naam kya hai… Bhupendra Jogi” reel. 

 Netizens loved his reel and memes were circulated rapidly. In the wake of this, Bhupendra Jogi even got an opportunity to meet former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Thus, the meme was recreated. 

According to Latestly, Bhupendra Jogi claimed that he had no personal dispute or enmity with anyone. At the Arera Hills police station, under Section 307, a case has been registered in this regard. 

However, no information has been obtained about the culprits yet.

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