Sexual Bollywood Movies that raised the issue of women’s desires

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It’s 2022, the female sexuality must be explored and talked about if you really want to change the social stereotype that be formed over the years. And one way to raise such issues is through movies or by bringing them to the public so that it starts a discussion. Today we are going to countdown some Sexual Bollywood Movies that did a fantastic job in highlighting such issues-

Sexual Bollywood Movies that raised the issue of women’s desires 

1. Astitva

Sexual Bollywood Films

Starring tabu as Aditi a young newly married girl who craves her husband’s attention and physical intimacy. As the husband used to stay out of work, she soon develops a relationship with the music teacher. As the year goes by, her husband came to know about her infidelity. The movie realizes many issues such as female sexuality and extramarital affairs. 

2. Dev.D

A modern take on classic Dev.D where Paro is not conservative anymore, moreover she likes to take charge of her life even to a point of initiating sex with the man she admires. While dev doesn’t like what she does irks his male ego and therefore breaks up with her for having an active sex life. In reality lot of men like dev don’t like when women like to be a dominating factor in the relationship. 

3. Parched

The film explores the stigma that is associated with pre-marital sex in rural India through 3 different takes on one topic. In the plotline, three different women have quite different takes on sex. While one believes sexual relations must have only between two people who are married another thinks sex should be explored with multiple men. The film sheds light on how women are still criticised by society no matter what she does. 

4. Lipstick Under My Burkha

The shows 4 different women trying to break the social stereotype by accepting their sexuality and living their lives with it. However, they have two options -one to do it in a secretive manner or do it publicly and face the social wrath. In the end, all the ladies had the same fate i.e criticised by society for their choices. 

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