Happy Birthday Kiara Advani: These 6 hot pics are proof that the ‘Kabir Singh’ actress is one of the hottest in B-town

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Happy birthday Kiara Advani, she turns 30 on July 31, 2022! A major force in vogue, Kiara Advani has not only just astounded us with her outstanding talent, but her followers also adore her sense of style, as evidenced by her sizzling photos on Instagram. The “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2” starlet sparkles brighter than a diamond, and her glitzy, blingy getups are proof of it.

Whatever the occasion, Kiara’s fashion has always been in the limelight. So if you are looking for some celebration wardrobe innovation then the hot Bollywood diva is the perfect idol to take inspiration from.

Today on the occasion of Kiara Advani’s 30th birthday, take a look at her 6 hot pics that are proof that the ‘Kabir Singh’ actress is one of the hottest in B-town.

Happy Birthday Kiara Advani: Her 6 Best Hot Pictures

1. Beauty In Black

For Tabloid magazine, she donned a perfect black saree and pulled off a very classy look.

Kiara Advani Black Saree

2. Donning The Dress

With perfect gold bangles and other jewels of the same sort, she stunned in a pink and blue, cotton candy look.

Kiara Advani In Blue Cotton Dress

3. Cream Bodycon

Kiara has always been very up to date with her wester wears. The cream colored sleeveless dress, says exactly the same, while embracing all her curves.

Kiara Advani Hot

4. Glittery Blitz

Perfectly wearing the shinny dress and completely shinning in that, she completely pulled the outfit off!

Kiara Advani Sexy

5. Classical Courtesy

Yet another ethnic look of her, this is perhaps the fan favorite. The saree is cream in color and, with matching heavy jewelry and a perfect pose.

Kiara Advani White Saree

6. Covergirl

She posed as the CoverGirl for Femina magazine where she wore a very pretty dress that had flower prints and patterns all over it.

Kiara Advani Femina

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