Cheryl Cole Tattoos and Their Meanings [2022]

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Cheryl Cole is a well-known English singer and media personality. She also has another side i.e her love for body art, and today we gonna explore Cole’s this very famous side.

Cheryl Cole Tattoos and Their Hidden Meanings

Cheryl Cole got a small swirl tattoo at the centre of her chest. It was done by artist Nikko Hurtado in 2016. The design is inspired by the Buddhist unalome which depicts enlightenment. It also symbolizes destination and the swirls denote journey.

It also shows your progress and motivation even when you are feeling like you are going backwards. Cheryl said on Instagram said-  “Always honoured to tattoo my friend @cherylofficial did this little Buddhist symbol on her chest about a month ago. @cherylofficial & @fakeliampayne are class acts and always treat me very well. Thank you guys for trusting me tattooing you. ?? honoured.”

Cheryl Cole also has a small red heart tattoo on her left middle finger. Earlier she stated she is done with a tattoo after she got a big design on her butt. But, we guess she made an exception for tiny ones. 

She has one tattoo of her maiden name. Her maiden name is Cheryl Tweedy so she got “Mrs C” on her neck at the back. She got it after she got married to a football player Ashley Cole and changed her name to Cole in 2006. Well, destiny has other plans and the couple split in 2010. She said- “I’m not ashamed of anything. I’ve got nothing to rub away.”

Cheryl Cole got a barbed wire wrapped around her thigh along with a rose and treble clef at the side. Treble depicts her music career and the rose is her favourite flower.

As we said, roses are her favourite flower so got a rose tattoo on her butt. Back in 2007, she got a small flower but six years later she covered it up with giant rose flowers. 

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