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Citrine Gemstone Benefits: Know How Wearing This Affordable Gemstone Can Change Your Financial Condition

Vedic Astrology has designated different gems for different zodiac signs. Often the changing planets can have a deep impact on the fortunes and life of a person. To nullify the bad effects of different anomalous planets people resort to different measures and wearing gemstones is one of the methods. Today we will study Citrine stones and their potential benefits.

Wearing gemstones is an effective way to ward off the evil effects of such planets. The gemstones are worn by people for forwarding their career prospects and financial gains. There are many stones that have been designated to have beneficial effects especially financial related and by donning their financial woes are allayed. Citrine stone is one such stone that helps in financial gain.

Every stone has special properties and the Citrine stone is related to Lord Brihaspati who is the ultimate source of knowledge. The stone is therefore recommended for students, scientists, and even artists who have a creative bent of mind.

Citrine Stone External Appearance

Citrine Stone

The Citrine stone has a shiny appearance and is considered an addendum to the Pukhraj stone. People who are not able to afford the Pukhraj stone can use the Citrine stone as an addendum or substitute. It looks very appealing and can be worn by the common man because it is not very expensive. The Citrine stone is inlaid in Gold or a ring made of Panchdhatu. It is always worn on the index finger of the right hand.

Benefits of Citrine

As per Vedic astrology, a person who wears the Citrine stone can see tangible benefits in his career as well as in business. This stone is most related to knowledge and it is highly recommended to be worn by students and people who are facing competitive exams. Wearing this stone helps the person to take clear decisions, which is a prerequisite for any competitive exam where speed and accuracy are very important. The stone also helps the person to get out of his financial woes with intellect and enhanced luck.

As already mentioned, it is a stone related to the God of knowledge Brihaspati. So, wearing the stone will enhance prosperity and allay poverty. An intelligent person whose luck is augmented by wearing Citrine can augment his wealth. As the saying goes a wealthy man is respected in his city while a wise man is respected all over the world. Wealth can be snatched or lost, but knowledge always remains with a wise person and he can easily get back his wealth with intellect and understanding.

Many times, a person faces loss in business due to wrong decisions, or decisions not taken in time. The citrine stone helps the person to see his prospects quite clearly and separate right from wrong decisions. The stone is highly recommended for persons who are facing a loss in their business ventures.

The stone augments a person’s self-confidence and increases his analytical skills. The stone is also beneficial in mending broken relationships and augments faith and respect in husband and wife. All the anger and frustration between partners are mellowed down. The stone also helps barren couples to have children.

Citrine stone is also known for its healing properties and is a panacea for a number of ailments. The stone is intricately related to the Sun and hence ailments that affect the Solar plexus are removed and its severity mellowed down. The stone also helps to increase the potency of the medicines which are being administered for the ailment.

The stone also works on the Manipur chakra and helps to augment internal energy. It also helps to remove negative energy around the person and increases the aura and positive energy at home. The stone can also be used as a grounding conductor while engaging in meditation and dhyan.

How To wear Citrine

  • The Citrine stone is more related to Jupiter and hence the best day to wear the stone is Thursday.
  • The person should get up early and have a bath after ablution.
  • He should wear clean yellow or saffron clothes and invoke Lord Brihaspati
  • The Citrine stone must be immersed in raw Cow’s milk in which Honey, Clarified butter or Ghee, holy Ganges water, and Tulsi leaves have been mixed.
  • Say the mantra ऊं ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रूं गुरुवे नम:’ at least 108 times with the help of a rosary bead.
  • The Gemstone must be removed and washed with Holy Ganges water and worn along with the chanting of the Brihaspati mantra.

Citrine stone identification

 The stone is golden to yellowish in color and the quality of this stone is judged based on color, clarity, cut, and origin. This stone is like a Pukhraj stone in appearance.

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