Delhi High Court to Review Google’s Advertising Terms for Legal Recourse in India

The Delhi High Court is examining whether Google’s advertising programme unfairly restricts legal recourse for advertisers in India. Startupwala Pvt. Ltd. has challenged Google India Pvt. Ltd., seeking reinstatement of disapproved ads and preventing further disapprovals. The issue revolves around Google’s policy on ‘Government Documents and Official Services’.

Startupwala argues that Clause 13 of the Advertisement Terms, mandating arbitration in California, denies them access to legal remedies in India. The Court has directed Google to respond within two weeks and maintain the status quo of ads labelled ‘Eligible (limited)’. The Court noted the potential harm to Startupwala’s business and ordered no action on the ads until the next hearing.

Justice Pratibha M. Singh’s notice to Google questions if the arbitration clause truly restricts Indian entities’ legal rights. The Court’s decision aims to safeguard Startupwala’s interests pending further evaluation. Google is expected to provide a response within the stipulated timeframe as the case unfolds in the coming weeks.


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