Centre mandates traders to declare wheat stock to regulate prices

The Central government has made it mandatory for all retail and wholesale traders of wheat in the country to declare their stock position on the official portal starting from April 1. The directive is aimed at preventing hoarding and speculation by unscrupulous elements. Traders will have to update their stock position every Friday until further notice.

The Department of Food and Public Distribution is closely monitoring the stock position of wheat and rice to ensure price control and easy availability in the country. The order applies to traders, wholesalers, retailers, chain retailers, and processors in all states and union territories. It is crucial for all legal entities to disclose their stocks accurately and regularly on the portal.

As the Wheat Stock Limit expires on March 31 for all entities in states and UTs, they will have to disclose their wheat stock on the portal thereafter. Rice stock declaration is already in place for all categories of entities. Those who are not registered on the portal must do so and start disclosing their wheat and rice stock every Friday. Compliance is mandatory for all legal entities to declare their stock regularly on the portal as per the government order.

This initiative by the Central government is a step towards ensuring transparency in the wheat trading sector and preventing any unfair practices that may lead to inflation. By making it mandatory for traders to declare their stock position, the government aims to maintain price stability and ensure the easy availability of essential commodities like wheat and rice for the consumers.


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