Fedez and OnlyFans Model Giulia Papped Together In Coachella 2024

Fedez has been spotted in Coachella, literally lost with his friends. So Coachella is on, and it’s a wide-scale music festival. They have huge artists from all over the world come in to perform for the people. And many people from all around the world come in to get a taste of the brilliant music festival.

Fedez and OnlyFans Model Giulia Gets Papped In Coachella

As usual, influencers are there as well to create their content and make vlogs for the music festival. So many creators have been spotted in the music festival. Something that caught the eye of many people is, that Fedez and Giulia were spotted in pictures together at the festival.

Giulia can be known as the influencer who went through a tax raid with many others because when she said she spends thousands of dollars in a day. Giulia is also popular on OnlyFans, and she tends to keep her fans updated there.

Fedez is currently going through a moment of crisis about his partner online, and there are signs of them together in the media in the current days. Giulia’s entrance into the Coachella caught their attention. Maybe suspicions of the duo dating are also prevalent currently.

Image Credit- @fedez/ Instagram

Nothing has been confirmed officially yet by their teams or the two in question. Giulia has built herself a huge fanbase online with her quirky poses and sexy attire; she never fails to amuse her followers online.

Coachella is full of energy and a hub where loads of ideas are getting spilled. The whole event is full of influencers and people who are known by a large population.

Netizens online are having fun with this whole thing right now. Memes are flooding in as fan videos, which are an absolutely fun way to elevate the situation.

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