Bonni Blue Talks About How She Made $250,000 Through OnlyFans Over Spring Break

Bonni Blue is a well-known OnlyFans content creator.

She gained loads of attention and traction when she was in the show, ‘The Project’.

She made loads of adult content with the schoolies, and fans went wild over it.

Well, Bonnie came up with a new way to make $200,000 over spring break, and she planned to fly to Cancun over the spring break and sleep with men to earn that kind of money.

Bonni Blue About How She Made $250,000 Through OnlyFans

People did show their hatred over her idea, and they also stated that she should be luring or sleeping with men just above 18 for views, but Bonnie did not reply to any of the hatred.

She later revealed that she has made $250,000 as she has slept with 122 men.

Bonnie also opened up that over her stay in Cancun, she and her creator, May, were on fire!

They were lined in their hotel rooms; people were banging on their doors to ‘get to them’.

With the overwhelming response, she was so excited that she mentioned that Bonnie would be back in Cancun next year as well.

To battle the hatred and negative comments about her, she has also mentioned that she always takes consent and asks for age documents before doing anything sexual to keep things legal and perfect.

Bonni Blue has said,

“We will never create content without organizing proper consent first. In other words, the guys who expressed interest needed to prove legal evidence they are over 18 years old and were made aware that the content is for our OnlyFans accounts.”

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Bonni Blue continued with her explanation that,

“Many students on vacation will expect to get laid on Spring Break. I think having women (us) in the mix who are up for it and don’t need any convincing is positive for the women on vacation who don’t want to be pestered by young men; they just want to be left alone to chill with their friends. While the benefit for the young men themselves is that they are guaranteed to have positive and enjoyable experiences with us because we know what we are doing and how to please a guy!”

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