WATCH: New Video Of Delhi’s Vada Pav Girl And Mother Getting Into An Ugly Fight Viral

Delhi’s Vada Pav Girl, real name Chandrika Gera Dixit, gained national recognition after her videos started trending on various social media platforms. Her reels and videos have spread like wildfire, attracting a huge crowd to her Vada Pav stall.

However, things recently took a different turn when a video of her getting into an ugly fight started to go viral on the internet. The viral clip shows her, along with her mother, fighting a mob on the streets of Delhi in daylight.

Video of Delhi’s Vada Pav Girl Getting Into Fight Viral 

The clip shows Vada Pav Girl engaging in a verbal spat with the people while others can be seen recording the fight through their mobile phones. While her mother is sitting on an electric scooter and supporting her in the dispute, she can be seen yelling at the crowd.

‘Jisne tereko bheja hai uski video bana’ (Make a video of the one who sent you), she says, trying to enter the crowd.

She can also be seen abusing the crowd during the dispute. As the situation starts to worsen, she flees away with her mother on her scooter. The crowd can be heard laughing at her as she escapes the situation.

At one time, things get ugly when she gets into a physical fight with a woman. Both of them are cursing and yelling at each other, launching vicious attacks towards one another. People start to gather around them while making a video on their phones.

Although, soon some men come to separate both of them from one another. Angry and frustrated, Vada Pav Girl yells at the woman.

The video is currently generating millions of views. Till now, there has been no update regarding whether there is any legal action or not.”

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