American Rapper GloRilla’s DUI Arrest Video Takes The Internet By Storm 

Famous rapper GloRilla has become the center of attention. A video is going viral on the internet showing bodycam footage of GloRilla getting arrested in Georgia.

The clip is currently spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms. In the viral video, she can also be seen exposing a bare breast right in front of a police officer.

American Rapper GloRilla’s DUI Arrest Video

On April 17, during the early hours of Wednesday, police officials arrested GloRilla for driving under the influence, i.e., DUI, in a traffic stop in Gwinnett County, GA. The video of the arrest was obtained by TMZ, who later released the tape on the internet.

Talking about the clip, it all started when a female police officer pulled over the rapper’s car for making an illegal U-turn and approached her to talk. As she started talking to her, she could smell alcohol on her breath as well as the smell of marijuana in her car.

Although Glo denies drinking and smoking. Eventually, the officer asks her to get out of her vehicle to take a sobriety test. Things took a surprising turn when, while standing on the road, one of her breasts comes out from under her bikini top. The officer asks her to cover it up.

“Ma’am, your…umm. Cover up,” the officer says.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Glo responds.

“Let me tell ya somethin’. Stop acting like y’all are so muthaf**kin’ amazed by a nipple,” Glo said. “Baby, ain’t it s**t but a nipple.”

“Calm down. Please calm down,” the officer states.

Initially, she refuses to take the sobriety test. Later, she was taken into police custody. She was charged with DUI and was released on a $1,956 bond.”

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