Ian Charles Addresses Rumors About Him Being Dead Online Through His TikTok Debut

Ian Charles, who is the brother of James Charles, was supposedly dead. Though the death reports weren’t confirmed officially or something, it was rumored that she was dead. People even started believing he was dead; comments were flooding under his post on Instagram where people were thinking when was he and some even offered their prayers and condolences to the influencer.

Ian Charles Addresses Rumors About Him Being Dead Online

However, he broke the silence by stating that he is not dead. He posted a TikTok and made his debut on the media platform. He also said that as soon as he posted TikTok, the first thing he saw was videos about him being dead.

He stressed and confirmed that he remains alive. James and Ian have stopped talking. James revealed online that ever since they were caught talking to minor boys online, they broke off ties and stopped talking to each other.

Later James also mentioned that he didn’t know the boys were not 18, and it was disgusting for him to know the fact that the boys were only 16. James is a celebrity makeup artist known for his vlogs and YouTube videos.

Currently, he is on his way to post his first music video. Teasers and snippets of the music video are already floating on the internet. James and his brother have stopped talking since 2021. Even since the chats with bots were leaked, his followers are not at all appreciative of it.

“I’ve never been more disgusted in my life than when I found out that that kid was 16 years old. I was mortified, absolutely mortified,” James opened up about this issue.

Many speculations and rumors were flooding around the internet which led to one thing or the other.

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