Google Gemini AI to be integrated into OnePlus and OPPO smartphones

New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) Smartphone manufacturers OnePlus and OPPO have partnered with Google to introduce the tech giant’s Gemini 1.0 Ultra AI model into their devices. They plan to roll out features based on the Gemini Ultra platform later this year.

Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product for OPPO and OnePlus, stated, “By collaborating with Google to integrate both Gemini and Google Cloud AI into smartphones, we are thrilled to broaden the scope of mobile AI innovations.”

The companies have already launched Generative AI models for customers in China, with over 10 million users of devices like OPPO Find X7 and OnePlus 12 benefiting from AI-generated content on the go.

In addition, OPPO and OnePlus are dedicated to creating a seamless blend of hardware, operating system, and ecosystem to support the growth of AI technology. They are also working with Google to integrate Cloud AI products into upcoming releases for various AI applications.

Both manufacturers are committed to enhancing user experiences by leveraging AI for tasks such as summarizing news articles, summarizing audio, and generating social media content on future OPPO and OnePlus phones.


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