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Hindu Right-wing Group Demands Ban on Halal Meat in Karnataka



Hindu Right-wing Group Demands Ban on Halal Meat in Karnataka

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, a Hindu right-wing group in the Indian state of Karnataka, on Monday announced a campaign that aims to completely ban products made from “halal meat” in the state.

The word Halal in Arabic means – Suitable for human consumption. Following the same ideology- the Muslim society consumes Halal meat. The process of making halal meat involves a swipe at the animal’s neck with a sharp knife. In Halal, the animal is slowly slaughtered by reciting lines from the holy Quran.

While talking to Lokmat Hindi, Mohan Gowda, the spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti said, “There is a lot of meat buying during Ugadi and we are starting a campaign against Halal meat because according to Islam Halal meat is first offered to Allah. It can’t be offered to Hindu Gods”


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“Whenever Muslims cuts an animal, its face is turned towards Mecca, and namaz is offered. Now how can such meat be offered to Hindu Gods? In Hinduism, we don’t torture animals and believe in taking their lives with a single jerk, which we called “Jhatka Meat”. he added.

With the same arguments, the group has also urged that Muslim businessmen and shopkeepers should not be permitted to enter the temple functions in Udupi, Karnataka.


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The spokesperson further said that this move stemmed from the close of shops by Muslims against the Karnataka High Court’s decision on the Hijab.

Gowda said that after the decision of the Karnataka High Court, the way Muslims have protested by closing their shops, it is clear that they don’t respect the law and the justice system of the country. According to Lokmat, several banners have also been put up in Shivamogga, Chikmagalur, Tumakuru, and other places to stop Muslim shopkeepers in Hindu functions.


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