HPCL partners with Tata Motors to establish electric vehicle charging stations

In a strategic move towards promoting electric vehicles in India, Tata Motors Ltd and Hindustan Petroleum Corp have joined hands to establish EV charging stations across the country. The collaboration aims to capitalize on HPCL’s extensive network of 21,500 fuel outlets to cater to the growing number of Tata Motors electric cars on the road.

Through this partnership, Tata Motors and HPCL are looking to provide a seamless charging experience for EV users by introducing a new payment system – a co-branded RFID card. This initiative is set to enhance the convenience and accessibility of charging stations for electric vehicle owners across India.

HPCL has set an ambitious target of installing 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations by December 2024. Currently, the oil major has already set up a total of 3,050 EV charging stations, including battery swapping stations, in various locations throughout the country. This move reflects HPCL’s commitment towards sustainability and promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation in India.


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