Namibian Dune Video Goes Viral: Tourists Posed Naked, Authorities Find It ‘Very Sickening’

Namibian authorities have condemned tourists who disrespected one of the country’s top attractions by posing naked.

This time, the tourists denuded the landscape. They were photographed naked atop the Namib Desert, in front of the legendary Big Daddy Dune.

Their pictures have gone viral and are currently circulating across social media platforms.

According to the BBC, the vice-chairperson of the Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations, Kenneth Nependa, told the Namibian Sun,

“It is very sickening and it really creates a bad image for Namibia.”

Kenneth Nependa added,

“These antics risk attracting tourists who think that anything goes in this southern African nation.”

Other visitors were shocked by the behavior of the three tourists. They told local media that action must be taken against those tourists.

A spokesperson for the Tourism Ministry of Namibia told the media that these unidentified foreigners might also be barred from entering any of Namibia’s parks.

The tourist destination is the tallest dune in the Sossusvlei area and is very popular among tourists who hike to the top of the dune and use it as a relaxation spot for families as well.

About The Namibian Dune Video

The Namibian Dune video reportedly showcases three naked men standing in the sandy dune next to their clothes.

The New York Post reported that the spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda said, “We appeal to that section of tourists to summon their conscience so that they do the right thing.”

By the time authorities were alerted, the tourists had left the country, said Muyunda. He also appealed to Namibians to report any violations of regulations immediately so that prompt action can be taken.

He appealed to Namibians, the report said, urging them to report violations of regulations immediately for swift action.

As the post went viral on social media, users expressed their disagreement with the mess the incident caused.

The BBC reported that an X user tweeted, “Why are they in trouble? They bothered no one.” While another netizen wrote, “Nothing wrong with sunbathing.”

The tourist destination is the tallest dune in the Sossusvlei area.

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