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June 11 – Birth anniversary of immortal Hutatma Ram Prasad Bismil. Here the spinning wheel kept running, there the blood kept coming out

After finding Bismil guilty in the 'Kakori case', the Firangis hanged him. Their sacrifice is such a saga that any patriotic citizen would like to read again and again with pride.

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Even though the spinning wheel kept running but the blood kept coming out there.. One of those innumerable heroes was Krantiveer Ram Prasad Bismil whose birthday is today..

This holy day may not mean much to the fake contractors of freedom, but the sun of freedom that shone on the horizon of India after the centuries of independence of Ram Prasad Bismil was unparalleled.

The redness of this sun also included the blood of innumerable patriots who laid down their lives on the sacrifice of revolution. Ramprasad Bismil’s name is foremost among these patriots. Bismil’s contribution as an organiser, poet and revolutionary is incomparable.

After finding Bismil guilty in the ‘Kakori case’, the Firangis hanged him. Their sacrifice is such a saga that any patriotic citizen would like to read again and again with pride.

While remembering him, these lines of Ramprasad Bismil keep reverberating in our mind – Sarfaroshi’s desire is now in our heart, it is to see how loud is there in Baaju-e-killer.

After the cancellation of the appeal from the Privy Council, the information of the new date of execution was given to Bismil in Gorakhpur Jail on 19 December 1927, but he did not deviate from it at all and with great confidence in his autobiography, which he called a part of his personal life. He had given the name, stayed day and night in fulfilling it, did not rest or sleep even for a moment.

He had foreseen that the merciless and ruthless British government would destroy him completely, only then he wrote this lion at one place in his autobiography –

“Is it a shame that it always comes from the blood of the body, don’t take the sword till the life is in ‘Bismil’.”

He also wrote in his autobiography, and he also had this yearning that if someone sent him a revolver in jail, then the whole world would see what he would do?

Bismilji’s life was so pious that all the jail staff respected him very much, in such a situation, even if he had been sending his articles and poems out of jail, then those jail employees must have provided him the facility, to doubt it. That’s no chance.

Now, to whom this autobiography reached first and to whom later, the debate on it will also be declared an issue of communalism or hyper-nationalism somewhere by the left wing elements of the society. Bismil’s biography probably does not hold much significance in the eyes of the leftists fighting for the statues of Lenin Marx.

The number 11 was very important in Bismil’s life. He was born on 11 June 1897 at 11:11 pm. Incidentally, the Indian date on that day was Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month, which is also known as Nirjala Ekadashi in Hindu calendar.

His death which was due to hanging on the noose due to unnatural yoga, that date was also on the Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Paush month according to the Indian calendar, which is also called Sufala Ekadashi.

If seen, every moment of his life was pre-determined by God, according to that all the events happened. He entered the path of revolution at the age of 19 and spent the valuable 11 years of his life in freeing the country till he attained fame at the age of 30.

On his birthday, the great warrior, immortal sacrificer Ram Prasad Bismil ji, who gave freedom to the nation by burning his life moment by moment in the fire, takes a pledge to keep his glory immortal forever.

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