‘Not Like Us’ Meaning Behind Kendrick Lamar’s New Song About Drake

The Kendrick Lamar and Drake controversy continues in full swing. Both artists are releasing their songs back and forth, exposing each other and spilling beans on their private and personal life matters.

Kendrick is now releasing songs back-to-back in full force, and people also think he is doing quite well. Meanwhile, Drake cannot keep up with his pace.

Meaning Behind Kendrick Lamar’s New Song ‘Not Like Us’

In the song ‘Not Like Us,’ Lamar mentioned Drake and his relationships with underage girls.

Then from there, the song ‘Meet the Grahams’ sees Kendrick talking about Drake’s son, his mother, and his father, and that song dropped the ball.

Kendrick made it public that Drake might have a secret 11-year-old daughter that the media doesn’t know about.

Drake released a song in response named ‘Family Matters,’ where Drake mentioned that Kendrick Lamar apparently physically abused his wife and also cheated on her.

Drake did release songs in reply, saying all of this was a PR and marketing strategy to get the public involved in the drama now.

However, Kendrick is back with another song, ‘Not Like Us,’ where Kendrick mentions that Drake’s pedophilic tendencies have not gone away.

He also tagged Drake as a, ‘certified pedophile’ in that song.

The lyrics read, “tryna strike a chord and it’s probably A-Minor.”

The song ‘6:16 in LA’ has not been released on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming platform because it includes Drake’s uncle’s guitar tune.

For it to become not copyrighted, Kendrick just softly layered the new song, providing a direct reference to his feud with Drake.

Currently, Drake’s house was shot at, and his security guard got severely injured.

Fans are now taking sides because, according to them, the feud has gone too far, reaching a level of gunshots and violence.

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