Pratik Sehajpal discusses how his song ‘Kaabil’ focuses on contemporary relationships and heartaches

Actor Pratik Sehajpal recently discussed his upcoming emotional song ‘Kaabil’, which he claims mirrors modern-day relationships. The song, shot in Sweden, touches on modern relationships, situationships, and heartbreaks. Pratik describes it as a romantic ballad, emphasizing the beauty of love.

He shared, “The song will surely touch people’s hearts because it is very different. The visuals of the song are very nice and are on modern dating. Many people will relate to this.” Pratik also highlighted the unique experience of shooting the number abroad, mentioning the challenges of filming in a cold climate with limited warm clothes.

“The songs I shot in India are also nice but it was my first song which I shot abroad so it was a different experience. Every song triggers different emotions. In this song, I was actually feeling the song so that I can give my best performance with honesty,” he explained. ‘Kaabil’ promises to be a heartfelt and relatable track that delves into the complexities of love in today’s world.


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