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Priyanka Gandhi -‘Laws made for Friends’ in Bijnor Kisan Mahapanchayat

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Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi addressed the Kisan Mahapanchayat in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh on Monday. According to the news agency ANI, during this time she said, “15000 crores are owed to the sugarcane farmers of the whole country, they are such prime ministers that till date you have not completed your arrears but bought two airplanes worth 16000 crores to roam the world for yourself. Huh.”

Regarding the new agricultural laws of the Center, Priyanka said, “These three laws are not made for the farmer, they are made for their capitalist friends. This country is not blind, seeing what is happening in the country for 7 years. The entire country has been handed over to their bourgeois friends. “

The Congress leader said,

“Sometimes I wonder why people chose Modi ji twice?” Perhaps he would have done so because he would hope and trust that he would work for them. Much was said during the first election. In the second (election), he talked about farmers, unemployment and other issues. But what happened? Nothing.”

“The farmers who have been sitting on the border of Delhi for more than 80 days in the cold, are now preparing themselves for the summer.” What are they sitting for? The PM says that the laws are for the benefit of farmers. When the farmers themselves are saying that they do not want them, why are you not taking them back? ”

Prior to reaching the Mahapanchayat, Priyanka Gandhi had told on social media, “Only dialogue with Annadata farmers who have fed this country for 75 years will lead the country towards progress. The policies related to the fields will make the farm keepers. Farmers in Bijnor today In the panchayat, the farmer will be present among the sisters and brothers. “

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