What’s ‘Quiet Vacationing’? Millennials Are Opting For It Instead Of An Actual Time Off

So quiet vacationing is now a thing among millennials and people are seeming to love this trend of giving up on work and relaxing instead. It’s not just about not showing up to work or not working altogether. This can be implemented best if one is working from home.

What’s ‘Quiet Vacationing’?

However, people have also done the same thing in the office, or they have requested time off from the office and work from home on special request. When it comes to Gen Z, they tend to speak their mind when they think the work is overwhelming.

To them, it’s not according to their time or their mental space. However, millennials tend to not speak up and just take their time off by not telling their managers and using a clever way to do so. Turns out that around 4 out of 10 millennials have done this and they seemed to enjoy this.

They find ways to keep their mouse moving which will show their bosses they’re online but they’re not doing any work. Millennials think that they’re under pressure to work even when they’re on leave because of the stress and expectations they have created in their workplace.

Quiet vacationing is now the trend, and most people have done this when it comes to their work from home. It’s not just about pretending to work and staying online, it’s about giving themselves the time off they need which they don’t get when they’re at work and their PTO gets canceled due to various reasons.

Quiet vacationing is all about taking breaks without having something official. You won’t even have to cause trouble, you can balance your personal and work life without really creating the hassle of asking for leave and waiting for it to get approved.

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