Here’s Why The ‘Fully Conscious Baby’ Is Taking Over The Internet

The fully conscious baby is all over TikTok. As we all know, TikTok is not just about videos of big humans making funny reels or hacks that turn out to be entertaining. TikTok is full of tiny humans and food which ends up being the best part of one’s day when they check them out.

Meaning Behind The Viral ‘Fully Conscious Baby’

So the fully conscious baby has won the hearts of many on the internet, and the baby is so mindful that the baby might just be made the ambassador of a hotel and get their first job at the tender age of just under 2! In the video, a group of people discussed their plan to go to the Four Seasons Resort in Orlando.

The video was posted by Stefanie O’Brien whose TikTok ID is sobrizzle. The video caught A family member asking, “Who wants to go to the Four Seasons [Resort] Orlando?” Others were seen raising their hands when asked that. And with careful consideration, being very conscious of the hotel and their family member’s reaction, the baby lifted his/her hand.

TikTok was bombarded with questions like how a baby got the cognitive skills to understand about the hotel. There were questions about whether the video was edited, whether a fake voice-over was used behind this, and more.

However, some comments also suggest that if humans talk to their babies in adult voices instead of the ‘baby voice,’ babies tend to grow faster and understand better. However, now that the baby is all over social media, he/she is being tagged as the fully conscious baby and is the center of attention in the zone. The audio has also boomed and people are using it as background music for their videos as well.

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