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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Indian Student shot, Hospitalized in Kyiv



Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Indian Student shot, Hospitalized in Kyiv

In the latest turn of events in the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, An Indian student has been shot and hospitalized in Kyiv. The information has been given by General VK Singh to the leading news agency ANI.

This comes just days after a medical student from Karnataka lost his life in shelling at a government building in Kharkiv.

It is still not clear who is responsible for the shooting, but it only serves to underscore the danger that civilians are facing in the region.


VK Singh, Minister of State (MoS) for Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) General confirmed the news on Thursday to ANI and said, “A student was reported to have been shot and was immediately admitted to the hospital in the capital of the country, Kyiv”. 

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“The Indian embassy had earlier cleared on the priority that everyone should leave Kyiv. In the event of war, the gun bullet does not look at anyone’s religion and nationality,” Singh added further.


Let us tell you, many Indian citizens, including students, have left Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict with Russia. The Government of India has launched Operation Ganga to rescue around 20,000 Indian citizens living in Ukraine along with most of the students. According to the ministry of external affairs, 600 Indians have been evacuated on Thursday night. Whereas within the next two days, 7,400 persons are expected to return to the country through special flights.

“The Indian government has been in touch with the Ukrainian and Russian authorities for the safe evacuation of its citizens.” MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi on Thursday said.

He also said that more flights are being sent to help people leave and that a large number of Indians will be brought back home in the next 2 to 3 days. To speed up evacuation, the government has formed a group of ministers to coordinate rescue efforts with Ukrainian neighbors, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.


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