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Over one million refugees left Ukraine since Russia’s invasion: UNHCR Filippo Grandi



Over one million refugees left Ukraine since Russia's invasion: UNHCR Filippo Grandi

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, an estimated one million refugees have fled the country. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) released a statement on Thursday saying that the number of people who have left Ukraine in just seven days is “staggering.” This crisis is only going to get worse, as more and more people are forced to flee their homes due to violence and instability.

Taking to his Twitter handle, UNHCR high commissioner Filippo Grandi said, “Within last seven days we have witnessed the exodus of over one million refugees to neighboring countries.”

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Let us tell you, it has been eight days today i.e. March 03, 2022, since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered military operations in the Donbas region of Eastern European country Ukraine after he recognized the independence of Ukraine’s two breakaway regions – Donetsk and Luhansk.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, 141 nations condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine while five nations supported Russia. 35 countries, including India, China, UAE, abstained from voting.


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