Ryan Garcia Tweets About Him Dating Kylie Jenner, Netizens Confused Online

Ryan Garcia is hitting the hotline right now because of his cryptic tweet. He posted a picture of himself which is merged with Kylie Jenner, and in the caption, he hinted towards them dating.

Now, as per the update and report, it is well known that Kylie is dating TimothĂŠe Chalamet, and there are even rumors about Kylie being pregnant.

Ryan Garcia Tweets About Him Dating Kylie Jenner

However, their relationship is not officially confirmed by the couple.

It is speculated to be true because of their sudden appearances in events and out-of-the-blue kisses.

There were rumors that they broke up, which came in between.

However, when Kylie posted a thread of pictures, it didn’t take fans long to decode the Cartier love bracelet she was wearing, seemingly confirming the relationship intact.

However, Ryan’s delusional relationship is getting attention online because he’s hallucinating about his relationship.

People are asking him to seek help, and whoever thinks it’s true, advises Kylie to run because according to netizens, Ryan is not completely sane in his head.

There are rumors about him having psychotic episodes from time to time.

Ryan deleted his tweet after receiving hatred and trolls from people online.

Kylie and TimothĂŠe have not reacted to the tweet as of yet.

This is not the first time a female celebrity has had her picture merged and posted on the internet with a cryptic message.

Taylor Swift recently went through the same as well, about which you can read our coverage here.

Kylie is also working on creating her new product, as per her Instagram post.

Kylie is a self-made billionaire, with her game up in the makeup and skincare lines.

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