Shocking Viral Video: YouTuber Anthony Vella Suffers Severe Neck Injury in 100-Foot Paramotor Crash

A disturbing video that recently went viral on the internet shows the famous YouTuber Anthony Vella breaking his neck and sustaining severe injuries after falling from a height of 100 feet while piloting a motorized paraglider.

The viral clip was posted on his YouTube channel under the title “Paramotor Crash ALMOST Ended My Life.” It features the horrifying crash of his motorized paraglider as he attempted to fly at 48 mph.

It is currently unclear when the incident took place. Anthony recently posted the video for his viewers to show what he has been up to and what caused the accident.

Viral Video Captures YouTuber Anthony Vella’s Harrowing 100-Foot Fall and Neck Injury During Paramotor Flight

In the video, Anthony Vella can be seen testing the BDG Luna 3, a “reflex paramotor wing for intermediate and advanced pilots,” at Enchanted Rock State Park just northwest of Austin, Texas.

Anthony recorded every moment, from taking off to gliding in the air, joyfully shouting as he reached a speed of 48 mph on the motorized backpack.

However, things soon took a drastic turn. While checking his phone for the speed, the paramotor wing above him snapped back and twisted his body in mid-air, causing him to fall from 100 feet. He can be heard saying:

“Oh man, 48 miles per hour. Come on, baby! Oh shit!” 

Anthony Vella immediately started screaming in pain as he hit the ground, breaking the frame of the motor backpack. In excruciating pain, he asked Siri to call 911. Paramedics soon arrived at the scene to assess the situation.

They inquired about his condition and where he was feeling pain. His wife, Leandra, also joined him at the site, and later he was taken to the hospital.

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