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Sardar Patel was surrendered in front of this decision of Gandhiji

When Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa forever, he faced similar questions. In this way, the stories of Gandhiji’s struggle in South Africa were so much published in the newspapers of India that ordinary Indians started thinking that this man could get the country liberated. But an Indian of intellectual or aristocratic type used to doubt such claims. Sardar Patel came out of a rich landlord family in those days. Barred in London, he was a well-known crime lawyer from Ahmedabad. He used to be the bridge champion of Gujarat club. It was in his habits not to surrender easily to anyone. In the beginning, he did not even take Sirji’s discussion, whenever Gandhiji was discussed in the club, he used to say, ‘How can Swaraj come from cleaning toilets?’, But when Gandhiji attended the meeting of Gujarat Provincial Assembly Passed such a unique proposal, that Patel accepted his courage, admired him for his lifetime and devoted himself to his service forever.

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When Gandhiji had fought the first case in the court, he was quite embarrassed if his voice did not come out before the judge. His life, his decisions, his subjects were liked by the people. But he did not give incendiary or energy generating speech. That is when Gandhiji was called at the beginning of a program of Gujarat Sabha. Then Gandhiji spoke softly. You will be surprised to know the reaction of Sardar Patel after listening to his speech. Sardar Patel then heard his speech and said that ‘the speech is very loose.’

But after that he saw him at the Lucknow session of 1916 and after that when Gandhiji’s first movement in India, the Champaran Satyagraha was reported to be successful, Gandhiji was completely engrossed in the media. The Gujarat assembly immediately passed a resolution to make Gandhiji its president, which Patel also supported. Vallabhbhai Bhai Patel will stay away from politics till those days, while his elder brother had become an important face of Congress politics, who was later elected as the President of the Central Assembly. This was the period when Patel was testing Gandhiji’s mind.

Gandhiji accepted to be the President of Gujarat Sabha with some conditions, and a meeting of Gujarat Sabha was called in Godhra. This was just before the Kheda Satyagraha and the place was chosen. Godhra, famous for the riots among today’s generation, then Gandhiji took a decision which was astonishing for everyone. Sardar Patel’s eyes were filled with appreciation for him. Until now it used to be that before the meeting of the Gujarat Sabha an affidavit was read which spoke of loyalty to the British Empire. But Gandhiji said, ‘If an organization of the British people does not take such oath of loyalty, then why should we take it?’ He stopped that practice. Everyone was surprised. Sardar Patel became like him. He had also told someone at that time, this is the real man.

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At the same conference, when Gandhiji put his one condition that ‘I have to work all over the country, I cannot be bound by empty Gujarat, I want a man who can give me all my time in Gujarat to see the work of Gujarat. By burning his house, he could prepare for the pilgrimage. ”By now Vallabh bhai had made up his mind by seeing his courage against the British. They started to think that this is the person who can challenge the British. Patel immediately stood up and said, “I am such a man, who is ready to go on pilgrimage by burning his house.” I will always be ready to serve you, I will do as you wish. ‘

Till those days Vallabhbhai Patel’s costumes were English. Coat-pants and tie. As it used to be Gandhiji. Gandhiji was also very surprised to see him, he started seeing him from head to toe. Then Bithal Bhai Patel got up and said to Gandhiji, ‘Vallabh is my younger brother. I have come from London to study barrister. ”Nowadays there are barristers in Ahmedabad. Even then, Gandhiji kept thinking about him for a while that if he looks like a man, he will not be inside. But Gandhiji had a sharp look in Vallabh bhai’s face and his expressions. Saw a resolution and then said, ‘Let Vallabh bhai, I appoint you as Secretary of the Gujarat Provincial Political Council from today.’ In this way Vallabhbhai Patel, who became close to Gandhiji, later called Sardar Patel.

It was that day and the day of Gandhiji’s death. Patel disagreed with Gandhiji on many things, but never went against him. He twice withdrew from Gandhi’s order from the race up to the post of Congress President, despite being the frontrunner in the race. Even for the third time, the election of the post of Congress President was to be held for the first Prime Minister of the country. In 1946, the British had decided to leave the country, then they wanted to propose to the Congress President to form an interim government. But 12 of the 15 Provincial Congress Committees sent Patel’s name that year. But not a single one sent the name of Pandit Nehru. Even then, he disassociated himself from the race for the post of PM at Gandhiji’s behest, paving the way for Pandit Nehru to become India’s first PM and withdrew his name.

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