10 All-Time Best Justin Bieber Hairstyle Looks To See His Transformation Over The Years

The iconic singer has been a style inspiration to many fans around the world. Listed below are some of the best Justin Bieber hairstyle looks that you must try this season. Keep scrolling- 

Best 10 Justin Bieber Hairstyle Looks

1. Signature Justin Bieber Haircut

The haircut has many names like side-swept fringe, bowl cut, long bangs and fringe. But it was Justin Bieber who put the hairstyle on the map. At this time, he was just 15 years old, already a well–known singer, and on the road to becoming a global sensation. 

2. Tousled Mop Top

Justin Bieber hairstyle looks changed very quickly as he got famous. He decided to keep this hair short while highlighting his facial features. He looks innocent and cute with this look. This was the first time, people show his eyebrows and forehead. 

3. Blonde Dreadlocks

In 2016, he shocked the world, when he shows his dreadlocks. He even got accused of cultural appropriation and racism for getting a style that is related to the black community. Although, the look became quite famous with many people donning the look during that time. 

4. Long Slicked Back

A neat and polished look with long hair slicked all the way to the back. During this time, he wasn’t even at the top of his game but when he debuted this look, he was at the top of every headline the next day. Perfect for any formal occasion and any time of the season. 

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5. Dreadlocks Turned To Space Buns

Justin Bieber Hairstyle Looks

Well with this look, he shows he doesn’t get affected by negative publicity. This time he rocked the dreadlocks with space buns. He uploaded a picture on his Instagram, showing off his latest look in 2021. Something that he still admires and like to opt every now and then. 

6. Buzz Cut

Yes, Justin has rocked Buzzcut too. Perfect for summer to cool down and handle the heat waves effectively. Many of his fans loved him in this look and even seemed like a Prince of Pop. Summer is perfect to opt for this look.  

7. Quiff

Justin is still known for this haircut. The style compliments his singer persona and can be rocked on any occasion whether it is formal or personal occasion. Bieber loves to style his lait like this during award seasons. 

8. Classic Dapper

Image Courtesy: Haircut Inspiration

With this look, he showed the world that he is no longer a teenager. He is a man with responsibilities. The classic gentleman’s look surely made waves among his fans. A sophisticated Justin Bieber hairstyle that goes on any face shape and personality. 

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9. Slicked Back with a Side Part

This Justin Bieber hairstyle is still popular among his fans and everyone loves it. He even stated that this one makes him look- a “lazy day hair” look. You can opt for this look for a casual outing with friends. 

10. Surfer Style

If you like beachy vibes and love to surf on the beach then do try this look. All you need is to grow your hair and be let it loose. You can also get this style even in winter and goes perfectly on any casual occasion. 

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