Three Things You Should Know about Ludo Before You Start Playing

Digitization is bringing the world to a new threshold. It is opening up avenues for networking, communication, and growth by providing instant access to required services. Ludo, which has been one of the most popular games since ancient times is becoming a sensation in the digital gaming world. It is now a favorite pastime in households, and people, both young and old enjoy playing it.

Consisting of dice and pieces that are to be moved on the board, it is a very strategic game. Digital sites are a promising platform for such social games as it helps to build social interaction, keep the mind active, and have fun, all the same time.

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The number of players in online ludo can vary from two to six players. With the growth of automation, automated gameplay is also available to enable players to jump into the game anytime. Most of us know the game of ludo from childhood, and one can easily access this game on their handheld devices. The best ludo apk download will provide them with a quality gaming experience, with no glitches, and through smooth gameplay. As the world is shifting to the digital landscape, the digitization of ludo is nothing short of a boon allowing you to easily catch up with your family members, friends, and strangers too, to get together for a quick and entertaining round of ludo.

The modern online ludo games have an AI backend which makes the dice outcome random, unpredictable, and unbiased. Hence, it establishes a fair chance of winning the game between players, hence it maintains the gaming integrity. The attached scoreboard in some of these games allows you to map your progress, giving you better visibility about how you should orient yourself to make it to the top. The battle mode in these games keeps the competitive spirit alive. You can earn more gold coins, and make lucrative purchases for your online avatar within these games.

The interface of the digital Ludo games is evolving significantly, and it embeds attractive 3D graphics which makes the game much more interesting. These games typically have a user-friendly interface, so you do not have to worry about investing much time in learning the dynamics of the game. Moreover, generally, the online ludo game supports both online and offline multiplayer mode. In offline mode, you can set yourself against intelligent bots who can challenge you based on the level you choose, be it easy, medium, or difficult. In online mode, you can compete against real players from various geographic locations in which the game is available.

Because of the increasing popularity of the digital Ludo games, it is now available in various geolocations, and in different languages enabling users to easily understand the dynamics of the game. You can run the game on the device and operating system of your choice. Here are some important points that you should know about the digital Ludo game.

Know-How To Play

If you are familiar with how to play the game of ludo, you need to primarily learn about the rules of moving the dice across the board. Keeping yourself abreast of the rules will help you to orient your game strategy and make it to the winner board. Ludo is based on the Indian game of Pachisi. The gameplay is very simple. The Ludo board is square consisting of a cross pattern shape, and each arm is further divided into three adjacent columns of eight squares. The middle square forms the home column, and each color dice moves it in its column without encroaching on the columns of other colors. The middle square of the board forms the home section, and the players need to gradually move their pieces, one by one, into this square to emerge as the winner. A four-player ludo game consists of four colors for each player, namely, blue, green, yellow, and red. They need to choose one color each and roll the die to its highest number, i.e., six to get started. They need to move in the clockwise direction based on the number thrown. A throw of six gives another turn, however, three sixes in a row cancel the turn. If a piece lands on a piece of a different color, the piece jumped upon returns to the starting circle, and if it lands on a piece of the same color, this forms a block. When a piece circumnavigates the board, it makes it to the home column. The player who can bring all of his color pieces to the home square is the winner.

Develop Your Game Plan

Ludo’s game combines strategy with luck. While it depends on the outcome of the random throw of the die, but with the right moving strategy, the player can secure their victory. The player can try to open all his pieces as soon as possible, instead of focusing on moving a single piece. The single-piece may come at a dangerous game point which can put the player’s efforts in vain.

Benefits of Playing Ludo

Playing ludo can significantly enhance your skills. It leverages brain development and polishes cognitive skills. It keeps the mind active, attentive, and engaged. It brings down the risk of cognitive declines in players. Moreover, it also helps players to deal with stress, provide a healthy distraction, combat tension, and have fun.

To Conclude:

These are some of the important characteristics of online ludo games. The digital game keeps the essence of the traditional game intact. You can play it on your phone, anytime, anywhere, and have fun with your friends in online ludo combat.

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