Top 6 Sneha Paul Web Series on Ullu To Binge-Watch Alone in The Hot Summer of 2023

Sneha Paul surely made a mark for herself in the erotic genre. The famous actress and social media influencer is slowly becoming the top actress on the OTT platform. She is most notably known for her appearance in the Ullu erotic series. Here, we are gonna be counting down some of Sneha Paul’s best Ullu web series- 

Top Sneha Paul web series

1. Charmsukh Chawl House – Season 1

The series is about two sisters- Meena and Tina. Meena comes off as an ambitious, hardworking girl while Tina is careless. They live in a chawl in Mumbai with their mother. Both sisters also like the same boy Rahul. But Rahul chooses Tina and they both start their loving relationship. Watch to know what Meena wants from their relationship. 

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2. Charmsukh Chawl House – Season 2

The story takes place at the same place- a chawl in Mumbai about a sweet simple family. One day husband’s brother came to live with the family, but his wife Reenu played by Sneha Paul soon starts to fall for him and the feelings were mutual. After a while, they both start a physical relationship. Watch what happens next on the ullu app. 

3. Charmaukh Chawl House – Season 3

It follows the same story as the previous one. Reenu and her brother-in-law start their romantic relationship, but now the couple is now visiting their family in the village where reenu meets her brother-in-law again. Soon the old flames are re-ignited again and reenu starts getting physical with her again. But now her husband knows about it. 

4. Laal Lihaf – Part 1

The series shows a young woman Kusum played by Sneha Paul who just got married, although Kusum’s husband doesn’t like her at all due to which she feels lonely all the time. Soon she starts an affair with her maid. They start getting physical with each other in order to satisfy their needs. If you looking for a series that has amazing love-making scenes then this is worth watching-

5. Laal Lihaaf – Part 2 

Laal Lihaf - Part 2

Kusum recently broke up with her boyfriend and finds solace in her maid. But due to some circumstances, she had to leave town leaving Kusum lonely again. Soon she reunites with her cousin and both end up giving each other a sensual massage. Watch the series to know what happens next on the ullu app. 

6. The City and A Girl 

The City and The Girl

The short web series follows a small-town sweet and naive girl coming to a big city to follow her dreams. Her career is her source of happiness. She is dedicated to her work and needs help to adjust to the big city. Watch how she overcomes her fears and achieves what she desires the most. 

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