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Top Apps That Roommates in Paying Guests Can Use to Make their Living Easier in Coimbatore

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Moving to a new city is a whole lot of responsibility. Amidst all the adulting – managing your finances, fulfilling your lifestyle needs, managing work/studies, and just settling into a new place, the one thing that holds everything together is the connection you build with your roommate.

A key element of this connection is how you set-up your lifestyle together and manage daily responsibilities in the fast-paced city life. We would suggest staying in managed accommodation would be a wise choice in this direction. You will have everything covered – food, laundry, housekeeping, WiFi, maintenance, furniture and appliances, power backup, potable water, etc.

That means, no hassles of managing your own household and inevitably, lesser chances of disagreements with your roommates. You can easily visit their website, check out all the accommodation options they have across the city and choose the one most convenient for you.

But then if you pick a managed accommodation in Coimbatore, you won’t need this article either, where we suggest some useful household apps that can make home management easier.

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If you haven’t yet upgraded to a new-age, branded PG in Coimbatore, here are some suggestions to make your lifestyle more hassle-free:

Our Groceries

Managing groceries is a super important chore and it is easy to lose track of supply. Is there enough dairy stock in the fridge? Whose turn is it to replenish the vegetables? One has to regularly deal with questions like this if you are managing your household yourself.

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And somehow, you always find yourself running out of time to complete the chores. Or even forget to keep each other updated on these daily details. Put your trust in an application called Our Groceries Shopping List which permits you to share food item records with your roommates, set reminders for each other, and also plan properly who is picking up what. This is one standout application that you should definitely have on your phone.

The Urban Company

When you move to a new place, discovering repairmen, mechanics, or services like salon, pest control, house cleaning, etc can be a hard activity to do. Thanks to applications like the Urban Company which permits you to employ specialists at an affordable price, you can manage all household cleaning and repairs.

This is much easier than going around scouting for solution providers or trying to DIY repair work. Of course, if you pick Stanza Living accommodation in Coimbatore, all utilities and maintenance work requests can be raised on their Resident app and you can rest assured that these will be fixed quickly.

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Microsoft to-do Lists

Now that we have examined a couple of applications to help you manage your household tasks, we think you can also use some handy tools to share the workload. Chip in with splitting tasks, shouldering chores, setting reminders, and even splitting expenses neatly – they all go to building better understanding and a happier relation with your roommates in a new city. And we are sure everyone will definitely appreciate the efforts you are making.

Living alone can be somewhat hard for newcomers. There might be numerous things to do but with smart apps like these, you will find it much easier to take care of the smallest of things.

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