5 Best Vastu Consultants in Delhi, India (2024)

Here’s our countdown to the 5 Best Vastu Consultants in Delhi, the national capital of India. Continue scrolling to learn about some of the best Vastu Consultants in Delhi.

Top Vastu Consultants in Delhi, India

1. Dr. Yogendra Deswar

Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Astrologer Yogendra

According to an article on Linkedin, Dr. Yogendra is the leading Vastu consultant In Delhi and India both, known for his extensive knowledge of Vastu Shastra, a study of balance between humans and their surroundings. He has more than 10+ years of experience in Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Numerology, and Palmistry. He is the best choice for vastu architecture of your home, office, or factory as per vastu and astrology (planetary positions).

His service range includes:-

  • Residential Vaastu
  • Commercial Vaastu
  • Office Vastu
  • Industrial/Factory Vastu
  • Corporate Vastu

For more information, visit: or Contact on Whatsapp: +918906220622

2. Shantilal Jain

Shantilal Jain is regarded as one of the best Vastu consultants in Delhi, who suggests positive and directional rules to create positive energy in the house for a blissful and peaceful life for the residents living in the house. They provide services between 9 AM to 9 PM on all seven days of the week. Visit here to contact

3. Reiki & Astro Healing Institute

Established in 2020, Reiki & Astro Healing Institute is one of the leading Vastu Consultants in Delhi, providing services locally as well as in other parts of the national capital. Their service range includes Vastu Shastra Consultancy for Residents and Businesses.

4. Shri Agasthiya Maha Shiva Ganitha Nade Jyothidham

Aimed at providing the best possible solutions to its clients, Shri Agasthiya Maha Shiva Ganitha Nade is a trusted name in the spiritual industry as well. Mr. Agastya guides his clients based on his 21+ years of experience.

5. Dr. Ranjana Astrologer

Starting her career in 2014, Dr. Ranjana is also a great option for Delhiites who are looking for a great consultant near them. She is based in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. The establishment provides 24/7 query support.

How Does Vastu Shastra Work?

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the various elements of a structure, such as doors, windows, rooms, and placement of furniture, should be oriented in a specific way to allow for the flow of positive energy, or “prana”, throughout the space. The placement of the building on the lot, the orientation of the main entrance, and the location of specific rooms, such as the kitchen and the bedroom, are also considered important elements in Vastu design.

Vastu practitioners believe that adhering to these principles can help to create a harmonious and balanced environment, leading to improved health, prosperity, and success for the occupants.

Vastu Shastra works by aligning the elements of a building with the natural forces of the universe. It is based on the belief that a building’s design and layout can influence the energy flow within it, affecting the well-being, success, and happiness of its occupants. In Vastu, each direction is associated with specific elements and influences, and the placement of rooms, doors, windows, and other elements within a building should be by these principles to create a harmonious balance.

For example, the north and east directions are considered auspicious and are associated with positive energy, while the south and west are considered inauspicious and associated with negative energy. Therefore, in Vastu, it is recommended to place the main entrance in the north or east direction and avoid placing heavy structures or sharp corners in the south and west.

In practice, Vastu Shastra is often used as a guideline for designing and building homes, offices, and other structures. It is believed that following Vastu principles can lead to greater success, health, and happiness, as well as reduced stress, conflict, and negativity. However, it is important to keep in mind that Vastu is not a scientific discipline and its principles should be applied with common sense and practicality.

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