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Vivid Elaboration About the Match Making Process in Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching is the ritual that undergoes to bind the right people into the prospects of marriage matching by name. It also scrutinizes the relationship between the couple ensuring them a life of prosperity and uncountable happiness. It also denotes their happiness or enmity with each other.

Marriage is a crucial part of a person’s life, not because they have to stay with a person to spend their life or for the wish of their parents but marriage has the power to change your luck, depending on the partner that comes along with you. Not all partners are meant for you even though you are madly in love with them.

There are decisions that we make for our life and then it turns out to be quite the opposite. It is not because there was no truth in love but there was no compatibility between the couple even though they thought there was one. Every individual’s true identity is revealed through their birth chart because they are born with those specific qualities that are assembled in that specific chart.

That is why when the man and the woman arrive at the destined age for a proper marriage, it is mandatory to match their birth charts if they desire to have lucky life with each other. If the matching of Trusted Teller Kundali is done with proper analysis and methods, there are chances that the negative energies or the obstacles might get eliminated from their path.

What Makes Kundali Matching So Beneficial?

After seeing the condition of their friends or acquaintances, there are many individuals who decide to stay unmarried but if you do not get married, you will miss out on the good luck that you were supposed to derive from the partnership with your soulmate or your spouse.

Kundali matching reveals it all. It reveals the data and information about how your life is going to turn out to be when you fall in love with the person who is meant for only you. Love can happen before marriage or after marriage but the compatibility decides the stay of the relationship for the lifetime.

Guns to be Match During the Kundali Milan

For a marriage of long term happiness, satisfaction and peace, there are ways to understand the bonding that might take place when you meet the one who is meant for you. The score that needs to be attained is 18 to achieve a beautiful life. The score below 18 is marked as inauspicious as it would bring the negative along with it rather than the positivity.

If the score is beyond, the couple is blessed with a life that is without any sort of trouble and obstacles. They are going to live the life that they have always planned. And if the score is beyond 32, the couple is the real meaning of “made for each other” as their marriage would be a confluence of everything that their heart desires. Types of Kundali and The Process of Gun Milan in Kundali Matching

Questions That Arises in the Mind of an Individual for Kundali Matching

#1 Points Below 18

For a favorable and satisfying marriage, the score that needs to be gathered by both the potential couple is 18. If the score turns below 18, there will undoubtedly be turbulences that will occur in the ​relationship. If such things happen, the marriage will not be formed with a strong foundation and it will most likely crumble whether you want or not. How many points should match in Kundali for Marriage?

#2 Manglik Dosha and Effectiveness

Manglik dosha, if found in one of the partners, might turn out to be a disaster for the married life, if no proper precautions are taken for that. If both the partners have a definite percentage of Manglik dosha in their individual charts, the dosha tends to get eliminated and the couple is blessed with a stress-free future to live ahead.

Manglik dosha can always be a reason for the delayed marriages. If one marries without taking care of the outcome, it holds to the power to turn the happy life of the couple upside down. For nullifying the dosha, the Mangal dosha Niavran Pooja needs to be held to treat the dosha from the roots for a married life of peace and safety. What is Manglik Dosh? How to Remove Mangal Dosha? It’s Remedies

#3 Nadi Dosha and Effectiveness

Nadi dosha can be tracked when the Kundali matching is done between the potential husband and wife. If both of them dwell in the same category of the Nadi koota, that situation gives birth to the Nadi dosha. It showers effect by affecting the health of the couple. It also affects the family of the couple. Marriages with the Nadi dosha might turn out to be disasters because there might be chances of infertility and no chances of the growth of the generation. What is Nadi Dosh? Nadi Dosh Kya Hota Hai? Nivaran, Remedies, Upay

#4 If the scored achieved is 6 out of 36 Gun

If such situations happen, it is highly recommended to consult with the astrologers who are well educated in understanding the depth of the compatibility. If there are any loopholes, they will make sure to provide you with that but if there isn’t any, then it is advised not to move forward for that relationship to save both of you from a disastrous married life. What Should I Do If My Kundali Not Matching With My Partner?

#5 Kundali Matching assures Success in Marriage

Kundali matching is the process that helps to understand the compatibility. The success of a marriage depends on the will and the desire of the partners to make it desirable. If proper and justified matchmaking is carried out, it will definitely turn out to be positive for both the partners who are about to get married. Are you getting married? 5 secrets you should never keep from your spouse or wife

#6 Late Marriage requires Kundali Matching

Every marriage requires Kundali matching. It doesn’t matter which age the couple is taking the decision to move forward for a more deepening relationship but with the help of Kundali matching, the different hurdles, malefic energies are projected out and then eliminated forever to veil the marriage with positivity and zeal. If there are problems, remedies will be showered by the experts to grant success in the compatibility.

Dr. Yogendra Deswar

Chairman and CEO of MaxFate Private Limited, Yogendra brings over 25 years of profound expertise in Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, and Business Coaching. His seasoned insights have guided countless individuals and enterprises towards holistic success.

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