World Lion Day 2022: Current Theme, History, Significance, Quotes, Drawings, Posters, Images, and Messages

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Every year on August 10, World Lion Day is held to promote lion preservation. According to the IUCN Red List, lions are a threatened species. The Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Indian Leopard, and The Royal Bengal Tiger are among the five largest cats, and they may all be found primarily in India. With a rise of 29% from 2015 to 2020, India also has the greatest lion count. Lions help to preserve ecology, conserve natural forests, and keep environmental integrity in check.

World Lion Day was established in 2013 through cooperation between Beverly Joubert, and Dereck, co-founders of the National Geographic and Big Cat Initiative. The lion, also recognized as Panthera leo, is the biggest mammal in existence and is regarded as the emperor of the jungle. 80% of the lion species has decreased during the previous 100 years. The main objective of the day is to safeguard magnificent wild cats in their natural environment. The safety precautions for the lion communities are also improved by this.

Lions defend natural forests, preserve ecological harmony, and contribute to biodiversity preservation. The Indian government is starting programs and initiatives to protect lions. Animals are getting closer to people in pursuit of food and habitat due to the rise in lion populations. The environment of the area may be impacted if the beautiful carnivores are not safeguarded.

The day is dedicated to protecting and caring for lions in museums and wildlife ecosystems everywhere around the world. To protect the species, several organizations raise money and give gifts. Digital activities are used in this pandemic circumstance to increase awareness on social media pages.

Hey, wanna create awareness among masses about lions this world lion day 2022, then use below-mentioned Quotes, Drawings, Posters, Images, and Messages.

Current Theme, History, Significance, Quotes, Drawings, Posters, Images, and Messages On World Lion Day

World Lion Day 2022

“A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.” – Turkish Proverb

World Lion Day 2022

“It is better to go in the dark when the road must pass a lion and there is no other road.” – Robert E. Howard

World Lion Day 2022 Quotes

Lions are big eaters. They can eat up to 40kg of meat which is around a quarter of their body weight.

World Lion Day 2022 Messages

Most of the hunting is done by lions at night as their eyes have adapted to the dark. This provides them a huge advantage over their prey.

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