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#WWIII and #Worldwar3 Memes and Tweets Flood Twitter After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine



#WWIII and #Worldwar3 Memes and Tweets Flood Twitter After Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Despite international efforts to stop a full-scale military confrontation, Russia on Thursday declared war against Ukraine.

Putin’s announcement has once again raised fears that a third world war may be imminent. Although all the international leaders had assured the world earlier that there was no possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine, but it is now clear after several media ground reports, that the war has started. As the development reports of the conflict are emerging out, people are expressing their views whether positive or negative through several social media platforms like Twitter.

The Twitterverse is on fire with #WWIII and #Worldwar3 memes and tweets after Russia invaded Ukraine. It’s hard to know what to make of all the online chatter, but one thing is for sure: people are paying attention to the latest global conflict. Some are making jokes about the situation, while others are taking a more serious approach. Whatever your take, it’s hard to ignore the online conversation happening around this hot topic.


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