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XPeng AeroHT’s modular flying car design officially certified, one step closer to launch



XPeng AeroHT’s modular flying car design certified, gets closer to launch

Chinese auto giant, XPeng, has announced the design certification for its upcoming flying car. The company’s eVTOL arm, AeroHT, is closer to commencing commercial operations with its flying cars in China. The upcoming air module vehicle, codenamed X3-F, has taken a step closer to flight certification and customer deliveries.

XPeng previously unveiled two new flying car designs – the X3 and a modular EV that could transport a separate eVTOL. The X3 can drive, park, and take off on its own, learning from the older X2 “flying car.” The modular EV is set for production in 2025 ahead of customer deliveries in China. XPeng aims to go beyond cars with AI, flying cars, and robots.

AeroHT’s new modular eVTOL will navigate the roads and skies simultaneously. The company states that its modular flying car is now “one step closer” to achieving this feat. The X3-F EV/eVTOL combo has had its Type Certificate application accepted by the Civil Aviation Administration of Central and Southern China (CAAC).


The certification applies to the eVTOL air module part, featuring a 6×6 All-Wheel-Drive ground modular for the EV. XPeng AeroHT is seeking airworthiness certification after receiving the design certification from CAAC. Scaled production of the modular eVTOL is set to start, with customer deliveries expected to begin by late 2025.

XPeng’s AeroHT division is making significant strides in the development of flying cars, with the X3-F model close to flight certification and customer deliveries. With the design certification in hand, the company is now focused on obtaining airworthiness certification to bring the futuristic eVTOL vehicle to market for customers in China by late 2025.


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