4 Best Mokshita Raghav Starrer Hot Web Series that are worth watching in 2023

You are missing a lot if you haven’t been keeping up with Mokshita Raghav. The famous actress, model and influencer has been the queen of social media. The beautiful actress first came into the limelight through beauty pageants. Back in 2019, Mokshita Raghav was the face of the PMA brand and in 2016 was Rubaru face of beauty International India. 

Initially, Mokshita Raghav started trending on TikTok where she used to share reels from her modelling and photoshoot. Also, she used to post comedy clips, lip-syncs and dancing clips. She also shared a few sneak peeks of her fashionable outfits along with bold pictures on her Instagram handle. 

Now, Mokshita Raghav has shifted to acting and is best known for working on OTT platforms. She is best known for her performances in Prime Flix web series “Kamya Sutra”, Ullu web series Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 The Housewife, and Kooku’s web series Athiti in House to name a few. Let’s dive into some of her best web series. 

Top Mokshita Raghav Hot web series

1. Prabha Ki Diary Season 2: The Housewife

Cast:Manini Mishra
Mokshita Raghav
Crew:Director: soon update
Where to Watch:ULLU App

The series is about a housewife, who is madly in love with her husband and is doing everything to win her approval. Unfortunately, her husband doesn’t pay any attention to her. Soon a stranger comes into her life. As a loyal wife, she resists him and suppresses her feelings. But the passion between the two keeps on igniting. The feeling of love as well as the lust overflows until they start their physical relationship filled with passion and fire. 

2. Atithi in House

Mokshita Raghav
Cast:Mokshita Raghav
Shrutika Gaokar
Crew:Director: Harshvardhan Sanwal
Where to Watch:Kooku App

The series is about two men who just shifted to a PG to live as temporary guests. Soon they see a hot girl in the PG to whom they are attracted and want to hang out with her. As they get close, the girl starts a physical relationship with both of them. Watch to know what happens between these three as their relationship moves ahead and how the family will react to their relationship once they become aware of it. The series has a great love-making scene that will keep you hooked to your TV screens. 

3. Kamya Sutra

Mokshita Raghav Hot Web Series
Cast:Mokshita Raghav
Karan Sharma
Crew:Director: Deepak Kumar
Where to Watch:Prime Flix

The Mokshita Raghav starrer hot web series is about a couple who comes back from their honeymoon. Vivek still can’t believe he is married to a beautiful and sexy Kamya. After an amazing honeymoon, Vivek gets angry as he learns about a deteriorating comment passed by one of his colleagues in the office that indicates he knows more physical aspects of his wife. 

4. Masala Family

Mokshita Raghav Navel Hot Sexy
Mokshita Raghava
Crew:Director: Sukumar and Roopkiran
Where to Watch:Watcho

It shows a weird family who plans to go on a fake vacation in order to come back to tier home and do chores that seem impossible to do at regular times. Their plans soon take a new turn when a thief plans to enter the house to steal and finds every member of the family in the house. Apart from that, the home is haunted by two ghosts. 

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